The stench was incredible. Bodies piled on top of bodies on top of bodies. Abubakari closed his mouth, closed his eyes. He thought to himself, "I will survive." And one more time he drifted into a trance to communicate with his ancestors

The slave runners who controlled slave ships bringing Africans from the Oyo states in Yoruba lands presently Nigeria had little idea who or what they were bringing amongst their stolen human cargo. The blood had dried on Abubakari's wrists, made by the chains used to shackle him. Even in the midst of blood, urine, death and enslavement, Abubakari didn't worry.

The ORISA OGUN had visited Abubakari the night before and told him his people would have to make a great sacrifice. But not to worry because his descendants and the descendants of his descendants would live long and prosper in the west as long as they didn't forget who they were, where they came from, and what their purpose is. As long as they didn't forget the ancestors, their ancestral ways, and to always pay tribute to the ORISA.

"ORISA SUITE" A tribute to the ORISA

Many of the survivors of the slave raiders' raggedy ships were the children of the followers of traditional African religion. Among the Africans bought during the slave trade were great priests from the Ashanti, Congo, Dahomean, Yoruba and other traditions, they brought with them ache' - their power - and knowledge of the ORISA.

Today, Abubakari's descendants have joined with the great mass of humanity in the struggle for survival in the western hemisphere. Thanks to ORISA, many of them never forgot who they were and what their purpose is. Enjoy this tribute to ORISA, the agents of OLODUMARE - the Supreme Being, GOD the Almighty - as known to Yoruba people and their decendants all over the world.

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