Marcus and Fatu Akinlana, Directors of WON Mural Society

We have opened a new retail establishment "Galerie Cayenne" with our art partner, Shakor, in the French Quarter in New Orleans. We have a remarkable gallery where we sell our original paintings, drawings, giclées and prints. We are continually developing new bodies of works.

When heading to New Orleans, please contact us and stop by our gallery space to get something unique and special with that certain New Orleans flavor!

We have recently completed two multimedia public art installations in Chicago and Philadelphia.  To check out these dynamic installations, click on the links below.  Enjoy and keep checking in while we continue to develop our website.

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TEL: (504) 905 6347

Marcus Akinlana began painting murals with Public Art Works Inc. as a youth in Washington D.C. He graduated in 1988 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a B.F.A. and has lived in Washington D.C., Chicago and New Orleans. While studying at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Akinlana had the opportunity to assist Jon Pounds and Olivia Gude, two leading artists of the Chicago Public Art Group (CPAG). He went on to join CPAG and to execute numerous public and collaborative murals and community based public art projects. In the late eighties, Akinlana founded two companies: WON Mural Society, which over the past fifteen years has designed and fabricated numerous public art projects both nationally and internationally. And Positive Creations Creations, his fine art based company, which retails his original paintings and art works, limited and open edition prints. He is now the Artistic Director who spearheads all creative endeavors of the businesses. Art in America selected a mural by Akinlana as the “Best Public Art of 1995” and included his “Mile High & Rising” project in “Public Art Review 2000”.

Fatu Akinlana is a native of Sierra Leone, who received her degree from the University of Liverpool. She previously worked for Africa Arts Collective/Source Books of Liverpool, England, as administrative/sales assistant. Since assuming the position of administrative director in 1994, Fatu Akinlana’s organizational and presentational skills have helped to develop strategies to secure larger, more ambitious commissions. The companies also employ several talented and hard working local studio assistants.