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Where There Is Discord Harmony: The Power Of Art by Marcus Akinlana and Olivia Gude 1991, 30' x 65', medium acrylic paint. Location: 1801 71st Street, Chicago, Illinois. Sponsored by the Neighborhood Institute.

"Where There Is Discord Harmony: The Power Of Art" is a mural which shows the power of visual art. The mural was a collaborative project designed by Marcus Akinlana and Olivia Gude. In this particular mural, Marcus and Olivia they decided not to use any human figures to force a new style. They also changed the color pattern. Although the mural shows the different tools artists use, the true statement expresses how art guides societies. In this mural, the art speaks to the pain of the community. It suggests how we can use art to better our lives and communities.

The mural also incorporates spiritual symbols from cultures all over the world including Chinese, Native American, African and European. The Ram, which is found in the center of the mural, is an animal that is sacred to the ORISA Songo. The golden doll is a symbol of the ORISA Osun. The eyes in the mural are the symbol of the two physical eyes and the third eye. The tears represent the tears shed for lives ruined by the epidemic of drugs in the community.