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The ORISA we honor first is ELEGBA, known in Nigeria as ESU/ELEGBARA. He is the ORISA of choices. He carries our prayers to the heavenly home of all the other ORISA. His colors are red and black but also yellow and white, as he represents duality. In so me of his roads, he manifests as an old man sitting at the crossroads. He is present when winos and beggars bestow upon you an unexpected gem of wisdom. Other times, he manifests as an impetuous child fond of toys, tricks, games and sweets.

ELEGBA waits at the crossroads for you to approach. HE allows you to chart your own direction. He lets you choose the high road or the low road in life, but rest aassured ELEGBA will be there to either open your road or put tricks in your path according to the morality of your choices. ELEGBA opens the roads of those who climb to make the higher choice, but ELEGBA throws tricks or obstacles in the roads of those attached to their lower selves. He is an opener of doors for those who live truth and he can bring justice on those who do not.